April 8, 2015

After Tea Health Benefits

Choosing to spend the morning with coffee or tea? Probably most of you more often sipping coffee in hopes of not sleepy during the move. Coffee does have a positive effect on health. But did you know that tea also has incredible health benefits when consumed on a regular basis?

After Tea Health Benefits
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Scientific studies on the nutritional content of tea have been carried out. Of research-the study revealed that by the Japanese drink called ocha it is rich in antioxidants to counteract free radicals. Tea, especially green tea, many containing catechins. These substances are believed to increase the body's protection against various cancers, including breast cancer.

21 benefits ochaAntioksidan and catechins in tea also helps burn fat in the body. This is because catechin serves to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol and accelerate the discharge through the feces. Research in Japan and Taiwan showed that the catechin can stop the growth of bacteria that cause food poisoning. Whereas other variants of catechin epigallocatechin and epicatechin is useful for preventing high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol in the blood.

A study in Finland has uncovered another benefit after consuming tea. Researchers from Europe found that tea may reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease. Regular tea drinkers have an increased risk of Parkinson's disease are smaller.

21 tea for kesehatanKandungan antioxidants in tea is also beneficial for maintaining skin health and beauty. These substances prevent damage to skin cells and body. Tea also contains caffeine is moisturizing though. Other studies have shown significant data that tea can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Some people may take advantage of the sun's ultraviolet rays to get a darker skin pigment. But actually damaging ultraviolet and cause premature aging of the skin.

Consuming tea can also help lower the risk of metabolic sindom. Metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome) is a combination of medical disorders that lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Waist size corresponding to a body mass index is one of the indicators used to assess the metabolic syndrome. The research revealed that respondents who regularly consume hot tea has a BMI (body mass index) and waist circumference were lower than those not drinking tea.

Teacups and Dried Tea Leaves in Bamboo ContainerPara tea drinkers also have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke are smaller. Compounds in green tea is beneficial to the body process sugar better. So the tea is very suitable to be consumed by people with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.

In tea also contains fluoride which is sufficiently high so as to prevent dental caries while strengthening. As well as coffee, caffeine in tea is also found. But the caffeine content in tea is different from the caffeine of coffee. Tea Caffeine can stimulate the nervous system and make more oxygen uptake smoothly.

So, there is no harm in trying to consume tea regularly in the morning. Besides warm, tea also has many benefits for the body.

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