PRAKTIK is a blog that discusses Lifestyle. All articles are discussed here is taken in writing by the author, but if there is material that is less then the author will add from bblog-blog or website a more complete. This is so that we can menyajika complete article and useful for you.

This blog is owned by Jonni Mulyawan. Jonni Mulyawan is a blogger from Indonesia. While Indonesia is a country It is on Earth, Continent of Southeast Asia. The reason why Jonni Mulyawan make English language blog is looking for money to have a daily snack. Although the results are not much but tolerable for me.

Currently Jonni Mulyawan have three blogs, blogs, among others jonni.my.id, materimedia.com, and the blog you are reading this praktik.my.id. If in thinking very tired have three blogs, because we have to write at least 5 articles per day. Moreover, for a student, very much split time. So, I as an admin of this blog to apologize for not have time to write the article a lot in one day and may not be an article I wrote in a day.

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