April 9, 2015

Most Powerful Drug Dental Hospital with Garlic

Indeed very painful toothache. When you experience it's really not bad at all as insomnia, difficulty eating, sensitive to various loud noise because it is noisy, irritability, disturbed concentration when it works and sometimes does not work made. Toothache can also make a person lose control because the concentration is disturbed so emotional outbursts.

 Toothache is usually caused because your teeth cavities or inflammation of the gums. Inflammation of the gums is usually the effect of cavities and in it there are leftovers that accumulate and become dirt, causing inflammation of the gums.
Most Powerful Drug Dental Hospital with Garlic
Therefore try to brush your teeth after meals and before bedtime, as it can prevent the accumulation of food in the teeth that makes cavities.

Causes of Tooth Pain

 Other factors can also be caused by frequent consumption of canned drinks, or eating too much sweet candy. For example beverage cans, can make your teeth brittle and hollow because the chemicals contained therein. Acid content of beverage cans can also damage the tooth enamel (email) and decompose your teeth (if teeth in a state of decay and food in it).

 Yes, you may be wondering what drugs are most effective toothache is not it?
Garlic, the most powerful drug to treat your dental pain, because Garlic contains antiseptic compounds that function to kill bacteria that cause your teeth ache.

How to Treat Tooth Pain

The trick treat toothache is really easy once, take a clove of garlic and then cleaned and put in cavities or pain. Do it for 5 minutes, then remove the garlic and rinse your mouth with warm water.

God willing your teeth are sore will heal in a few time. If you still feel the pain in your teeth, your teeth may ache was too severe to require medical treatment from the doctor directly.

If your teeth are already very severe cavities better at pull, because severe cavities can no longer be patched. Please immediately went to the nearest dentist to get medical attention immediately.

And in fact there are many more of the most potent drugs other toothache can be tough here "Traditional Medicines and Natural Tooth Pain" and everything is natural that from natural ingredients such as spices, oil, leaves, etc.

The important thing is diligent to brush your teeth, because however clean teeth will be stronger than the teeth that are rarely cleaned. even if you are using any medicine if you are still lazy to brush your teeth then the result will be the same.

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