April 9, 2015

7 Ways to Whiten Teeth With Natural Ingredients

Having yellow teeth is annoying, because it makes a person unable to smile wider. Well, yellow teeth alone is usually caused by tartar that accumulates on the surface of the tooth itself, and tartar itself usually in because some things like: the habit of consuming alcohol, smoking, consuming hot beverages such as coffee and tea in an amount that is too much , and many others.

7 Ways to Whiten Teeth With Natural Ingredients
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To overcome this yellow teeth, you can take advantage of some natural way by using natural ingredients that are all around us, what to do? Let's go see the information about how to whiten teeth by following the natural way!

Tips to Whiten Teeth Naturally

1. Brush your teeth regularly

For this the first thing it has become mandatory that emotion when you do what you want to have white teeth. The content contained in toothpaste can make the teeth become stronger, and certainly cleaner. Perform regular routine of brushing your teeth every day in the morning, afternoon and evening.

2. Take advantage of apples

Apples have a crunchy texture when in the nip, and this is what helps the teeth to be whiter again. Because, when the teeth begin to bite the apple, the teeth will be honed and part sisah sisah food that sticks to the teeth who want to become tartar will carry over to the apple in the consumption. Consumption of apples, green apples should have a level of crispness that is much higher than red apples.

3. Take advantage of orange peel

Orange peel in the trust can whiten teeth because the content contained therein. Orange peel can make teeth whiter when you rub rub your teeth with the orange peel. Do this regularly, until you get the results you want white teeth.

4. Use a combination of lemon and salt

The content of lemon mixed with salt in trust can whiten your teeth effectively. It's easy, make a solution of salt and lemon juice, then use the mixture to whiten your teeth. Do this regularly until you get the results you want.

5. Use the nut

To make your teeth white, you can take advantage of betel nut. The way to be grilled nut charcoal, then you can use the charcoal to rub your teeth Perform routine that.

6. Use siwak

To make your teeth whiter, you can take advantage of Siwak to brush your teeth. Siwak is itself a part of that plant which has a soft texture. The way this has been done by people in ancient times.

7. Use strawberries

This fruit the same thing with apples, which can make the teeth become white because there is a high content of vitamin c. Thus, regular consumption now.

That's 7 ways to whiten teeth naturally by using natural materials around us, may be useful and can make you appear more confident again.

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