April 8, 2015

Important Facts About Sports Jogging

Ladies, if you are a person who loves sports, especially like jogging? Well, it means you are a healthy person tablets, Ladies. Jogging is a useful cardiovascular activity to burn calories, reduce your appetite and prevent depression in the brain.
10 Benefits of Jogging Routine 20-25 Minutes In A Day
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Additionally Ladies, jogging can also be used as a way to maximize calorie diet because apda will burn very much when doing jogging. Anyway, do you know about the facts surrounding the jogging? livestrong.com melansirkan some facts about this exciting sport, include:

1. When you are jogging at a speed of 5 meters / hour for one hour, you can burn 584 calories in your body

2. Jogging is better than just walking. Jogging gives greater fitness benefits and burn more calories and healthier than running because it makes the heart beat rate is higher and greater oxygen absorption.

3. A 12-week program jog maslaah able to cope with weight and obesity in a person. In addition it is also beneficial to heart health because corn berdetang spur faster than usual.

4. Jogging burn less fat than playing football. The researchers compared the groups of runners and a group of football players involved in each activity for one hour, two to three times per week. Playing football has a greater effect on increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat percentage and blood pressure, but the runners showed no improvement in overall fitness and muscle mass during the last eight weeks of the study.

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