April 9, 2015

5 Drinks Diet Right for You

Dizziness your diet always fail because they always feel hungry? You do not not able to withstand the hunger so that you start to leave your diet schedule? Most of us often fail in the diet due to not being able to withstand hunger or have ulcer disease that is difficult to diet.

5 Drinks Diet Right for You
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Actually you can hold your hunger by drinking water or other beverages suitable for consumption to assist you in the diet. You can try an easier way to diet and tasty, with drinks to diet. Without you realizing it by drinking the drink, will help you resist hunger and do not even feel hungry anymore.

Here are 5 drinks right to your diet include:

1. Cold water

You will burn 250-500 calories per day to drink 8-10 glasses of cold water every day.
The body will burn calories (or fat) it is because your body has to heat the cold water that goes into your body.
A German study says drinking about 2 extra cups of water can increase your metabolism by 30%.

2. Nonfat milk

Milk is high in calcium and calcium can boost weight loss by increasing fat breakdown in fat cells. By drinking nonfat milk, diet program you will be more effective and faster.

3. Green Tea

Tea contains antioxidants that work to accelerate the process of metabolism, burn calories and help to remove fat in your body.
Studies show you can burn 35-43% more fat during the day when you drink 3-5 cups of green tea.
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4. Vegetable juices

Drink a glass of vegetable juice before meals can cause you to be easily satisfied.
Drink several glasses of water before meals will make you eat much less so your weight loss will be easier.

5. Coconut water

Coconut water contains more electrolytes than most other fruit juices and coconut water is an energy drink with no added sugar and artificial flavorings.
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That's a few drinks that can help you to resist hunger, hopefully useful and remember besides strict attention to the food and beverages you consume, for a successful diet, you also need to be diligent exercise.

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